Maine Bicentennial Special Event  

A Special Event for all Amateur Radio operators is coming to Maine in 2020.   It is the Maine Bicentennial Special Event running from March 16-22 (Monday through Sunday). It is now on the ARRL Website, and will be listed in QST prior to the event date. Our Website is:

The Maine Bicentennial Special Event committee, formed from members of the Wireless Society of Southern Maine, along with members from the PenBay ARC have put together, a Special Event with call signs recognizing Maine’s original 9 counties from when the state was chartered in 1820.  There will also be 3 other Special Event Stations (SES’s) operating from Jameson Tavern in Freeport, Portland, and Boston in recognition of their contributions to Maine’s Statehood.  (Please see the call signs below). As a note, activators of K1J do not have to operate from Jameson Tavern exactly, but we do ask that you operate from Freeport.

We suspect most participants will be operating from their QTH.  We are asking those interested in participating in this event to discern where their QTH would have been in 1820 relative to that Town, and County in 1820, and to participate in this event in that Original County. The webpage will have a map as an aid for that amateur operator.  e.g. if you are now in Knox Co., in 1820 you were likely in Lincoln Co or Hancock Co. and would participate as a station in that Co.  Not all of the current Knox Co. was in Lincoln Co. in 1820. To make things simple, we’ve placed a spreadsheet on the Special Event website listing as many towns as possible related to the 9 original Counties.  We recommend double checking your 1820 location. To verify where you are, or think you are for operating, please use the Maine State Map of 1820 also found on the Special Event website.

Operators can choose to operate at their convenience by using a Google spreadsheet that will be available on the event website Simply notate the Time Block, and Band/Mode you wish to operate as. You can operate from your QTH, or any remote location as long as it’s listed on the corresponding County spreadsheet.  e.g.  QTH is in Hancock Co. but operating in Cumberland Co. The operator would use the Cumberland Co. spreadsheet.  

On each spreadsheet are Times, Bands, and Modes.  The time blocks are set up in 2 hour increments.  All we ask is that the operator does not JUMP BANDS.  If there is an opening on another band when the operator is available, then complete the appropriate block(s) on the spreadsheet so there is no doubling in the same County on the same Band and Mode.  Always check the spreadsheet before moving to another Band / Mode.

Operations will take place on HF, 6, and 2 Meters
 (no repeaters).  Modes are CW, Phone, and Digital. This allows all Maine Amateur Radio operators to participate in some form.  

There will be Certificates available once we receive logs from the various stations that contacted the Special Event operators.  We’ll also need logs from participating operators to corroborate what is sent in. It is recommended that your log is sent in ADIF format. We’ll need the logs ASAP after the event.  More details on that will be available on the Special Event website.
Please send an email to:  if you are interested in operating, or if you have any questions. Be sure to title your message as: Maine 200 Special Event.

The Maine Bicentennial Special Event Stations are:

Cumberland: W1C
Hancock: W1H
Kennebec: W1K
Lincoln: W1L
Oxford: W1O
Penobscot: W1P
Somerset: W1S
Washington: W1W
York: W1Y

Jameson Tavern (Freeport): K1J
Town of Portland: K1P
City of Boston: K1B
We are also looking for other venues outside of Maine to get the word out about the event. If you have any suggestions, please send an email to: Be sure to title your message as Maine 200 Special Event.
We look forward to having you take part in this Special Event for Amateur Radio in Maine!