Certificate Sample

Getting a Certificate

Certificates are available to any ham wishing to commemorate their experience after successfully making contact, in part or all, with the 9 county and 3 bonus special event stations.

Operators are required to upload their logs either transcribed into our Excel template, or in ADIF format exported from an amateur radio logging application by Wednesday, April 22nd in order to receive a certificate. A list of popular logging applications and our Excel templates can be found below.

Logs should include the basic standard fields:

  • Callsign
  • Date and Time in UTC
  • Band
  • RST Received (signal report; “59”)

Logging Applications

Looking for a logging application? Popular logging programs that can export ADIF include, but are not limited to:

When submitting your logs, please be sure to upload only the event contacts. Starting a fresh log for the event may be the easiest method. If your participation is mixed between operating a special event station and your own call sign, please upload those logs separately.

Excel Log Templates

Do you prefer the analog logging method with pen and paper while operating? We can accept and convert Excel worksheets, but they must be transcribed prior to upload. In order to efficiently process all Participant and Special Event Station Operator logs, and get certificates into their hands quickly. No handwritten logs can be accepted. Please type handwritten logs into our Excel template or your logging application of choice prior to upload. Upload your logs by clicking on a button below.

Participant Log Template – Use this if you’re recording contacts with our Special Event Stations
Special Event Station Operator Template – Use this if you’re collecting contacts for one of the 9 county or 3 bonus special event stations

Upload your logs

These buttons will be activated during the event and remain active through April 22nd.

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